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PServeRO is website that provides ragnarok modification, source modification, custom commands. Customization for ragnarok online or ragnarok offline. Also, guides to make your own ragnarok server, installation guides, step by step to make ragnarok server. Ragnarok modification based on eAthena, rAthena, 3CeAM, Hercules, and idAthena.

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  1. Ardi
    Ardi at | |

    Mau Request MaxdamageCap / Want Request Script MaxDamageCap

  2. jacky
    jacky at | |

    mau request maxcap untuk Asura Strike(300k) , Normal Attack damge 33k

  3. SuiDn
    SuiDn at | |

    I’m interested….How much for this?

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