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Maxcap Damage - Cap Damage While Using Skill and Normal Attack

Limiting damage can be dealt from normal attack or skill. Capping damage can be set for damage to player, to monster, to boss monster, and to other targets (homunculus, mercenary, pet, elemental).
By capping the damage, the damage value to enemy never exceed the limit.
In example case, effective to "limit" the damage of overpower skills. Example, your Ragnarok server want to give a limit for Ashura Strike (MO_EXTREMITYFIST) damage on PVP to 150,000 each hitting player, limiting Assassin Cross's Enchanted Deadly Poison (EDP) damage to 3,000 each normal attack.

More info about this source modification, visit PServeRO Maximum Damage – Cap Damage While Using Skill and Normal Attack blog entry
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