Ragnarok Server Guide

How to make your own Ragnarok Online private server, or maybe Ragnarok Offline server?

Step-by-step guides to make your own ragnarok server

See the guides here:

  1. Prepare the requirements, choosing emulator and database server guide. (eAthena or rAthena or 3CeAM? TXT server or SQL server?)
  2. Preparing ClientSide and Compiling Server. (Choose the client version and compile the server using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010) 
  3. Change the basic connection guide. (How to connect to the database?)
  4. Guide to set your custom rate server Part 1. (How to set the drop rates, exp rates, maximum levels, maximum statuses/parameters, and set the commands?)
  5. Guide to set your custom rate server Part 2. (How to set the skill delay, item exception? And everythign about basic configuration about skills and items.)
  6. How to change the item? Custom item guide. (How to edit status from original items and add your custom items?)

Exclusive Ragnarok Server Guides for Bahasa Indonesia



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31 Replies to “Ragnarok Server Guide”

    1. On the second guide, Ragnarok Online Server Guide – Make own Ragnarok Online/Offline Server Guide 2, find and follow on these steps 2012-04-10aRagexeRE.exe Setup Issues – Resolution can’t be changed? – Always shows error SaveData\OptionInfo.
      Or maybe you can use the client side that I made, you can see on Download Ready-to-use Client Side”>Download Section > Download Ready-to-use Client Side, then Download System Lub-Lua files for 2012-04-18aRagexeRE, extract it, copy the System folder and paste it onto your client folder ROClientFolder\System

    2. Nope. No progress. I think it’s my client.exe, but I still don’t know where is the error.
      Don’t worry. Thanks for the effort and support!

  1. It works! But it doesn’t read the setup nor the patched setup. Also, it’s not in english nor can be diffed so it has translation.
    Yeah, I use the very same patcher: ShinsDiffPatcher with WeeDiffGen plugins

    1. Correction: is in english but has some rare characters in some parts like the skill tree. It still doesn’t recognize the setup.

    2. About the setup file, sometime it’s stucked on a setup file, if you have 3 setup file, you need try all setup file to find the correct one that will changes your setup.

      That’s because you need translation of lua files and interfaces.
      you can download the lua files here, and the Translation_project here for 20120410RagexeRE.exe.

      But, you need download them manually, or you can use these mine, data-lua.7z and data-translation.7z. You just need extract them to client folder.

  2. I’m currently using the SVN revision 17019, wich has the mmo.h packetver in 20120410 by default. I’m trying with data file (and clientinfo.xml) and LUAs of 2012-04-10, and a client.exe (diffed) of the same date… but the client keeps popping up the setup.exe…
    kRO version: 2012-10-01 -> obtained from ratemyserver

    1. try to use 2014-04-10a (I’ll make this guide tomorrow, and how to compile the server)
      1. Download the RagexeRE.exe
      2. Download the client files from this link. The file cointains of translated lua and basic skin.
      3. Extract them!
      4. Inside Rytech’s Client Pack 2012-04-10 V1, there is “WeeDiffGen” folder, open “ShinsDiffPatcher.exe
      5. Select the “Source executable:” from folder that you placed “2012-04-10aRagexeRE.exe“, open it!
      6. On ShinsDiffPatcher window, select the “Select patch engine” use “WeeDiffGenerator v1.0.2“. Click “Yes” and it will gives you recommended patchs.
      7. Then click on “Patch it!”
      8. On “2012-04-10aRagexeRE” folder you will get new file, the patched exe, move it to your client folder (hope you use latest version of kRO)
      9. On “Client Files” inside Rytech’s Client Pack 2012-04-10 V1 folder, move “DATA.INI” and “data” folder to you client folder too. (like step 9th)
      10. Open “clientinfo.xml” inside data folder, edit it. Change the version be “30” and some informations about your server.
      11. Edit your “mmo.h” edit the #define PACKETVER become #define PACKETVER 20120410“, recompile your server.
      12. Run your server, open your client now.strong

    2. I can’t download the client files because the links says “Sorry, you don’t have permission for that! You do not have permission to view this attachment.”

      Besides that, I changed the setup and keep popping up. I tried without changing the name from “setup_patched” to “setup”, but the “client.exe” does not a thing.
      I diffed a new “client.exe” as simple and quick as you said (just select and patch), but it sends error 5011 (failed to authenticate)

    3. about the setup_patched.exe
      1. Make sure your setup.exe isn’t popping up (end the process from Task Manager or restart your PC)
      2. Open the setup_patched.exe, you only need click “OK” like you use setup.exe file (better you remove the old setup and replace with this, rename it.)

      What is patcher that you use for patch the RagexeRE.exe?
      I use this ShinsDiffPatcher with WeeDiffGen plugins. (You must download them all manually, sorry I don’t have the pack file)

    1. I’ve try the latest rAthena svn17101. packet_db_ver: default (30), clientinfo.xml version is 30, also on mmo.h 20120410.. It’s always rejected from server.

      Before, I never use renewal client .exe, always using 20100730, version 26, always be good..

      maybe there is some missing packet, no problem with the subnet_athena.conf

    2. It works! But it doesn’t read the setup nor the patched setup. Also, it’s not in english nor can be diffed so it has translation.
      Yeah, I use the very same patcher: ShinsDiffPatcher with WeeDiffGen plugins

  3. Don’t worry… I’m really sorry to keep bothering you.

    Let’s see… packet_db_ver value is default. In mmo.h I changed the yyyymmdd in PACKETVER according to my “client.exe” (20110111). As said, port 6900. In the conf files have the default ports, as seen in your example images. I also tried to create de data base again as seen in the guide part 2 (basic connection guide).

  4. Address and port 6900 by default. Servicetype korea and Servertype sakray by default. Version 25 in clientinfo.xml and in login_athena.conf is 20, but it has the “check_client_version” deactivated. That’s why I don’t know what to do.

    1. on clientinfo.xml or sclientinfo.xml must be same as login_port on your conf files.
      If your conf files have login_port: 20, your
      on clientinfo.xml must be 20 too. 😀
      Better you set them default be 6900, because 20 port is used for default system layer.

      And, if your version is 25, check also on db/packet_db.txt, if packet_db_ver value is default, that mean latest support from that file, or change it same as like your client ver.

      Also, on src/common/mmo.h, change #define PACKETVER yyyymmdd to your client version.

      Sorry about these guides, I still don’t have enough time to write them all.

  5. Sorry to bother again… but I have another question. I made everything, I’ve got a data file and a diffed client, but after login it says “failed to conect to server” and I don’t know how to fix it. I tried with different data files and diffing a client myself. Any ideas?

    1. ohh yeah, the clientinfo.xml file on folder data (client-side), change the

      to your server IP, if it’s localhost, change it to be
      and be your login_port (you can look it on conf/login_athena.conf)
    1. Of course, we will talking about the client side soon. Thank’s for remembering me about it. 😀

      Here if you want to know how to set up the client side here. 😀

  6. Are you going to make Step 3 of the server guide? I really need it… Greetings!
    PS: Excellent guide! You missed the compilation steps, but it was really easy anyway.

    1. Ohh yeah, I forget the compiling trunk. Thank’s.
      I’ll improve them soon, I just really busy for now days.

      — edit
      Here a little guide for compiling server here. 😀

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