Free Services

  • Every source that you get, feel free to ask me to help to implementing it on your server.
  • If you see “Play Here!” page, feel free to promote your server there.
  • Send me PM if you want your server link show on the “Play Here!” link.
  • Free codes are free services, you are allowed to share it and don’t forget for the author credits. 😀

Paid Service and Donations (Terms of Service)

  • Every paid codes of Source Modifications provides you get my support for every problem you get related on my modification.
  • Don’t ever share every my paid codes and also resell/redistribute it.
  • If you share, resell/redistribute modification that you buy from me, you need my permission and agreements first!
  • I receive any paid service for your ragnarok online/offline server as administrator or just as freelancer, as by your request.
  • **Another terms will decided later**


  • I will never ask you to pay me for code(s) that I share which I got from free share.
  • Every paid codes of Source Modifications, that means create and creation by me, and the credit is mine.
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