Maximum Damage – Cap Damage While Using Skill and Normal Attack

This idea I got when I played Ragnarok Online, Private server. That RO has modification that gives maximum damage when player using skill to attack. I tried to find how to make that maximum damage, maxcap, and I got nothing. So I tried to edit my source by myself.

For the first time, I got some problem to find correct file to edit the source, finally I got it. My first modification about this maximum cap was implemented on ArcsRO (ArcSaber Ragnarok Online) and the second modifcation was implemented on MightyRO. I was admin on those Private Server.

While ArcsRO is closed and I was kicked out from MightyRO, I’m developing the source that I edit. I’m still improving that modification. And now, the modification is getting better than before, easy to edit the maximum damage every skill, and maxcap for normal attack also.

I give some option for this modification. Maxcap can be effect while attack another player, or monsters, or boss monsters, or all of them. And now, I give one more option, it is maxcap’s mapflag. That mean, maxcap only works at map that has maxcap mapflag.

This source modification, I decided to make new source method of skill maxcap. Make it better than before. The skill maxcap damage has some parameters now, Skill ID, maxcap damage to players, maxcap damage to monsters, maxcap damage to boss monsters, and maxcap damage to another target (mercenary or homunculus), and maxcap map target. So can decide where the damage will be limited.

Here the pictures about this modification, maximum damage.

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