@showeq2 command – Show equipments tab only for invited players

If you done read my previous post about @showeq -or @showequipments, that ‘force’ to show player equipments to other players, this custom is an impovement for that command. This command, only allow invited player(s) to look at player’s equipments tab who use @showeq2 (or can use @showequipments2 too).

This custom atcommand (command) is requested by my friend, OnNPlay, on rAthena forum. He asked me to improve the previous custom atcommand. He asked me, if player use @showeq2, he/she must add one parameter, that is player name. So, player that written on @showeq2 command can look at the user equipments tab, but other can’t.

The purpose this command to ‘force’ player show the equipment to invited player(s) if (maybe) any player thinks that he/she is cheating. So, GM can use @showeq2 -or the full command name is @showequipments2– to the player that they want to see.

For an example, player A, B, C, and D want to see player X’s equipments, the online GM can use @showeq2 command to X, using charcommand.

#showeq X A

#showeq X B

#showeq X C

#showeq X D

For more details, you can look at these screenshots of @showeq2 (@showequipments2) below that I made for you all


Price: 5 USD

Payment: PayPal, contact me

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