Custom Item Bonus, bNoEleStone

bonus bNoEleStone is custom item bonus to ignore skill requirement for Elemental Stones: Flame Stone, Ice Stone, Wind Stone, and Shadow Orb.
For newest rAthena, the items that specified as Elemental Stones by bonus bNoEleStone can be set on item_group.yml by IG_ELEMENTAL_STONES. New Elemental Stones for 4th job are can be added here too.
Therefore, for older rAthena, the elemetal stones must be added on itemdb.hpp and itemdb.cpp file.

Ninja skills that require Elemental stones are:

  • Crimson Fire Formation (Flame Stone)
  • Raging Fire Dragon (Flame Stone)
  • Ice Meteor (Ice Stone)
  • Hidden Water (Ice Stone)
  • Kamaitachi (Wind Stone)
  • Lightning Strike of Destruction (Wind Stone)
  • Shadow Warrior (Shadow Orb)
  • Empty Shadow (Shadow Orb)
  • Mirror Image (Shadow Orb)
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