[Crowdfunding] Lapine DdukDdak and Lapine Upgrade

The very first crowdfunding I handle manually outside rAthena’s crowdfunding feature. This is about Lapine UI features: Item Synthesis (collecting items) and Item Upgrade (enchanting).

Now this feature is available on PR #4348

Lapine DdukDdak and Lapine Upgrade – rAthena

Lapine DdukDdak and Lapine Upgrade – rAthena

$195 of $150 raised

Implementation feature for Lapine UI

  1. Lapine DdukDdak (will be called as item_synthesis), based on data/Lua Files514/luafiles/datainfo/LapineDdukDdakBox.lub, and
  2. Lapine Upgrade (will be called as item_upgrade), based on data/Lua Files514/luafiles/datainfo/LapineUpgradeBox.lub

This project are include

  1. New items that involved with Item Synthesis and Upgrade, more than 500 items.
  2. New database file for Item Synthesis (item_synthesis) and Item Upgrade (item_upgrade).
  3. New item group entries which used by Item Synthesis feature.
  4. New script functions for enchanting equip which used by Item Upgrade feature.

Be aware:

  1. This feature is created for latest rAthena, yes “latest” whatever this feature will be merged.
  2. Supported client & tested using 2018-06-20e RagexeRE and 2018-06-21a RagexeRE.
  3. Some items have ID beyond 65K which need rAthena source support for INT32 item id in separated project, so items with Item ID more than 65K will be disabled.


  1. Whatever the goal amount is reached or not, by the end of date, all donors will get the diff file.
  2. By donating in this project, you have rights to get compatible diff for your server for free, as long as your client is supported and your server after rAthena’s YAML support. YAML database implementation on rAthena 78eed02.

Expiry target on: September 30, 2019.

More info: [Crowdfunding] Lapine DdukDdak and Lapine Upgrade

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  4. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cydh.ramdh

Donation Total: $5.00

I’m very grateful for your donation on my project , thank you very much.

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  1. Fund raised,
    Thank you, Salvador Bonilla
    Thank you, {{not-telling}}

    Goal $150 is reached, the file project will be delivered in rAthena’s PR on Github (expected) on this weekend.

    Post-goal reached fund raised
    Thank you, Psy Ops
    Thank you, HAO MIN LIANG
    Thank you, Jiou Nian
    Thank you, Chen Jia Tsai

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