@security Command – Safe Your Account! Allow and Deny Transactions

I was interested in another Private Server of Ragnarok Online, about its custom command. This command will blocks any transaction from my account. I must enter my code to allow any transaction, it was @security. The command shows some menus, set a security code, change security code, allow transactions, and deny transaction.

So, this command will the account from unknown logger that try to take items and put them away. On that private server, if the @security is enabled, the kind of transaction that denied are:

  • request or get trade request
  • move item(s) to guild storage @gstorage, but you can take item(s) from it
  • buy item(s) from NPC or any vending
  • sell item(s) to NPC
  • drop item(s)

Then, I decide to ‘googling’ this @security command and any related things about block, deny or allow transaction, safe account by custom command, but I got nothing. I decided to make my own @security command. My @security command has functions to deny any transaction (if the @security is enabled and security code is set), such as:

  • Can’t drop any item(s)
  • Can’t get any trade request
  • Can’t ask trade request
  • Can’t open guild storage (@gstorage)
  • Can’t take item from guild storage
  • Can’t add item to guild storage
  • Can’t sell item(s)  on trader NPC
  • Can’t use Vending skill
  • Can’t use @dropall command
  • Can’t use @itemreset command

Here the screenies about that @security code functions on game

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