@showeq command – Show equipments tab using atcommand

This custom atcommand (command) is requested by my friend on rAthena forum, OnNPlay. He asked me to make custom command. Which if player use @showeq (or @showequipments) can show the equipments to another player, just like by clicking “Show equipments” on equipments tab (ALT+Q).

Why he need this command? The purpose this command to ‘force’ player show the equipment to other if (maybe) any player thinks that he/she is cheating. Although player with GM level can look he/she equipments, but other player can’t. So, GM can use @showeq -or the full command name is @showequipments– to the player that they want to see.

For an example, player A, B, C, and D (maybe all players on game) want to see player X’s equipments, the online GM can use @showeq command to X, using charcommand.

#showeq X

For more details, you can look at these screenshots of @showeq below that I made for you all

Price: 5 USD

Payment: PayPal, contact me

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