getitemslots2() – Get items slot that modified by addslot() and removeslot()

If you implemented addslot() and removeslot() from Epoque’s Expansion Pack, default getitemslot() from original emulator can’t gets the slots value from the equipment. So I decide to make getitemslots2() to get the slot value.

This is custom script_command, that mean, you can use this command on NPC script. Getitemslots has one parameter, that is equip position. So, you must wear the equipment that you want to now, how many its slot.

For example, getitemslots2(1), that mean you will get slot amount of equipment that you use on position 1. Position 1 means Top headgear.

1 = EQI_HEAD_TOP = Top headgear
2 = EQI_ARMOR = Armor
3 = EQI_HAND_L = Left hand
4 = EQI_HAND_R = Right hand
5 = EQI_GARMENT = Garment
6 = EQI_SHOES = Shoes
7 = EQI_ACC_L = Left hand accessory
8 = EQI_ACC_R = Right hand accessory
9 = EQI_HEAD_MID = Middle headgear
10 = EQI_HEAD_LOW = Lower headgear

You can download the getitemslots2() NPC for free below. If you need the source modification for getitemslots2(), send me PM.

Here’s the screenies..

Download getitemslots2() NPC Scripts – NPC for checking equipment slot that modified by addslot() or removeslot()

getitemslots2() NPC Script

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