Ready to use Classic-Renewal Server by using rAthena

If you are looking for bare minimum or just insights about setting up Classic-Renewal server or so called Re:Start server by iRO maybe you can try my setup here. The file given is ready to use for your Classic-Renewal offline experience.

So if you are asking “what are that changed for Class-Renewal server?” you can see the list below. This Classic-Renewal server is compiled based on my other release –Cara membuat Ragnarok Offline menggunakan idRO dan rAthena Terbaru– (sorry, Indonesian post.. meh).

Classic-Renewal is basically renewal server

Of course, because there’s no magic toggle on Official server to get them back to pure pre-renewal. They only have option to use old version of their emulator that of course full of bugs and lack of features. So, it’s RENEWAL!

Cast Time Formula is RENEWAL

So, you don’t need to change the defines or change the cast time formula to make it as pre-renewal.

Without Fixed Cast Time

Related to Renewal feature and also implemented by rAthena, every skills have cast time that never can be reduced by stats (DEX or INT). They just simply 0 all Fixed Cast Time for all skills.

Monster Database is mixed

Yes it’s mixed. The monster data (mob_db) is mixed with pre-renewal as main database then they add the non-existences from Renewal monsters. So does with drop items. The dropped items and rates are using pre-renewal as base data.

Goodbye Level Penalty

In renewal we know about player’s base level will affects the gained experience points and drop rates. Now it’s disabled! No Level Penalty!

Party Even Share limit is 15!

As I said, in renewal the max range for even-share EXP enabled is 15, not 10. It’s good so you can ask someone that have higher level than you to kill more powerful monster!

Spawn is…

Just fit yourself. Most of current class-renewal servers are free to adjust. By example, Klasik RO Gravindo at first release are using 4th Episode, then to 5, and later is using late 11th episode. And now are mixed with Amatsu and Einbroch maps!

The Rest are RENEWAL

Attribute fix/element modifiers, item defenses, attack and magic attack powers, over refine bonuses, ASPD formula, HP, SP, status effects, and everything that are implemented as Renewal are Renewal. Nothing is changed by core, except the things that configurable by database or config files.

Now Download Section

Now, if you are bored to read those quick explanation, you can simply download my setup here:

[20171014] classic-renewal-offline-1.0.0: Initial Release of Classic Renewal Setup

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