@maintenance – Set maintenance mode without restarting servers

What this is @maintenance?
A custom modification to set your server to “Maintenance Mode” without restarting your ragnarok servers (map-server, char-server, & login-server). When maintenance mode is going to start, “unauthorized” players (with group id below the allowed group id to connect) will be kicked.

The atcommand @maintenance might be used with type the duration before the maintenance mode is started, the maintenance duration and allowed group id to connect. After @maintenance is typed, “[Server]” will gives announcement related the time before maintenance begin and maintenance duration. When it begins, authorized group, won’t be kicked and still re-log even after logging out. But not for unauthorized group, they cannot log in during Maintenance – Rejected from server –.

Actually, this modification has been released long time ago, but just yesterday (Sun, 8/9) I modified it. And now, the maintenance mode has possibility to be set for,

  1. all map-servers only that connected in same char-server with map-server where GM uses @maintenance command,
  2. or a whole map-servers and char-servers that connected in same login-server.

by re-set the char or login server configs itself.

Char & login server configs? Yes, the configs that exist in char-server.conf and login-server.conf.

// Type of server.
// No functional side effects at the moment.
// Displayed next to the server name in the client.
// 0=normal, 1=maintenance, 2=over 18, 3=paying, 4=F2P
char_server_type: 0

// Minimum Group ID to join char server when it is on char_server_type 1 (maintenance)
char_maintenance_min_group_id: 99

// Minimum account group id required to connect to server.
// Will not function if group_id_to_connect config is enabled.
// -1: disabled
// 0 or more: group id
min_group_id_to_connect: -1

As I mention above, that maintenance mode can be applied to a whole servers that connected in same login-server, that’s mean it’s an option that can you set later.

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PS: Forgot to tell, this article and the ready diff, currently for Hercules emulator, as you noticed rAthena or others use char_athena.conf & login_athena.conf as config file name. But this modification is usable for other emulators

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