rAthena Weekly Recap April Week#2 (6 April – 12 April)

Changes on rAthena master branch.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue #376, resistance calculation for Voice of Siren (WM_VOICEOFSIREN) effect was calculated twice (20c6149b).
  • Fixed issue #379, makes dummy monsters (2408,2409,2410,2411) in Prontera immune from knockback (56404b88).
  • Fixed issue #387, replacing rand() leftovers by using rnd() of mt19937ar (27ba6c50).
  • Fixed issue #384, skill party does not work since 20c6149b because of BCT_ALLWOS, changed with BCT_WOS (994aba68).
  • Fixed SC_DEEPSLEEP effect (duration and resistance) from Deep Sleep Lullaby (WM_LULLABY_DEEPSLEEP) and Arrullo (SO_ARRULLO) (20c6149b).
  • Fixed Deep Sleep Lullaby (WM_LULLABY_DEEPSLEEP) and Voice of Siren (WM_VOICEOFSIREN), should give effect for ALL targets except self (20c6149b).

Pull Requests

  • Merged pull request #294, moved Bank Vault from login-server side to char-server side by using permanent account variable (5ed75dc8).

Item Updates

Script Changes

  • Updated documentation for Item Group (27ba6c50).



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