rAthena Weekly Recap April Week#3 (13 April – 19 April)

Changes on rAthena master branch.


  • Separated produce_db.txt for Renewal and Pre-Renewal (3a590730).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue #273, Keeping should end before mob status recalculation when changing class. (f19e2dc6)
  • Fixed issue #324, BaseJob will now return the correct ID for Super Novice type classes. (f19e2dc6)
  • Fixed issue #357, Cross Slash should work with 2 daggers, Huuma type weapons, or a dagger + shield. (f19e2dc6).
  • Fixed issue #358, correcting Max HP/SP tables (df2f850c, b7431efa).
  • Fixed issue #370, Corrected a few things with Devotion range checks. (f19e2dc6).
  • Fixed issue #371, missing entry for Solid Skin (EL_SOLID_SKIN) in skill_cast_db.txt. (2fdcd923).
  • Fixed issue #385, cleaned up skill fail checks on `skill_castend_id`, follow up 46f010cb (0f5050de).
  • Fixed issue #391, added `0` in fixed cast time field for SM_SELFPROVOKE (0f5050de).
  • Fixed issue #395, changed `mode` field for monster from `smallint` to `int` (0f5050de).
  • Fixed issue #397, failure in makerune script (9b1c138a).
  • Fixed missing max_sp calculation for SC_MEIKYOUSISUI effect. (3104dcef).
  • Fixed logic for ACTIVEPATHSEARCH (308c4779).
  • Revert `JOBL_SUPER_NOVICE` flag that was introduced in 82561947 (2fdcd923).
  • Corrected `class_idx` usages on pc_calc_basesp() and pc_calc_basehp() (177ea6c7).
  • Corrected the skill fail message that displays when players have no bullets. (f19e2dc6).
  • Corrected Howling of Mandragora’s duration. (f19e2dc6).
  • Updated Kunai Explosion damage. (f19e2dc6).
  • Added missing 20% damage reduction for Water Barrier. (f19e2dc6).
  • Mado License attack bonus is granted even without Madogear. (f19e2dc6).

Pull Requests

  • Merged pull request #386, fixed SC_ALL_RIDING for Rangers (4169defd93ecbbf2d2824e0506cb08da84228572)


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