rAthena Weekly Recap April Week#1 (30 March – 5 April)

Changes on rAthena master branch.


  • Added optional parameter ‘char_id’ in some script commands to assign the attached player. (823bc539).
  • Added getattachedrid() (0f137f3c).
  • Added battle config ‘monster_loot_search_type’ to offer ‘old’ eA monster loot search behavior (3028c871).

Bug Fixes

Pull Requests

  • Merged pull request #354, renaming monster name in script quests_malaya ‘Tiucknuc’ to ‘Tiyanak’.

Item Updates

Script Changes

  • Corrected swapped staff and mace item menu order in eden_quests.txt (36462526).


  • Added documentation for Status Changes (c7062e5e).
  • Updated .travis.yml for testing until run map-server once (57ee2dd3).


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