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PServeRO is website that provides ragnarok modification, source modification, custom commands. Customization for ragnarok online or ragnarok offline. Also, guides to make your own ragnarok server, installation guides, step by step to make ragnarok server. Ragnarok modification based on eAthena, rAthena, 3CeAM, Hercules, and idAthena.

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  1. petevo
    petevo at | |

    Hi….i get this after i run runserver-sql.bat…all 3 server says d same

    [Info]: Done reading conf/import/char_conf.txt.
    [Info]: Done reading conf/char_athena.conf.
    [Info]: Done reading conf/import/inter_conf.txt.
    [Info]: Done reading conf/inter_athena.conf.
    [Info]: Done reading conf/import/inter_conf.txt.
    [Info]: Done reading conf/inter_athena.conf.
    [Info]: Connect Character DB server…. (Character Server)
    [SQL]: Access denied for user ‘root’@’localhost’ (using password: YES)
    [Debug]: at f:\users\pet\desktop\rathena\src\char\inter.c:771

    Char-Server has terminated abnormally.
    Restarting in 15 seconds, press Ctrl+C to cancel.

    1 more thing, i cannot find this:

    2. First, change the setting for login-server_sql. You must enter the correct username, password, and database. Username: root (default, super-user username), password: 123456 (I set it before, or keep it empty if you never change the password), and database, use yourragnarokdb.
    3. Then, change the configuration for map-server_sql and char-server_sql. Use same datas like above.

    Where is login-server_sql, map-server_sql, char-server_sql? its not in the conf folder

  2. petevo
    petevo at | |

    Ok…next step? Jst run installed ragnarok.exe? i have iRO installed…thx 4 ur time

  3. ferdz
    ferdz at | |

    step 4?

  4. Denien
    Denien at | |

    Hi why im getting this error? any help? thanks

    my error –>

  5. RaidouPservero
    RaidouPservero at | |

    Hello Pservero, i guess this guide is a little bit outdated,right?;) Crack i had a lot of problem looking for some of the files(lua,lub and so on) . Will you make a part 4 to this? (i mean, is there even a need for a fourth one? I saw above me a post that requested it :p).

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