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Epoque’s Expansion Pack has many custom functions for eAthena emulator at that time, item bonus, effect bonus, add and remove equipment slot, and many more. Based on that expansion pack, I got that function on old eAthena forum, and my friend story, I interested add function on server source -source modification- to add and remove equipment slot that player has.

When addslot() will adds equipment slot only for certain equipped equipment not add the slot for all same item ID on db/item_db.txt or db/item_db2.txt. And the removeslot() too only remove slot of certain equipped equipment. That expansion pack is free release, I can share this addslot and removeslot modification, but badly I only make .patch file for rAthena svn17117.

How to use?

You must .patch your source files to have this source modification on your server, and download this data files then extract them to your Ragnarok client folder. Those data will give information to player how many the item has slot that has been added or removed by addslot() or removeslot(). You can make custom NPC and it has this custom script to add a slot of equipped equipment.


And to remove a slot of equipped equipment, you can use this custom script on NPC script.


That mean will add one more slot one equipped equipment on position 1.

1 = EQI_HEAD_TOP = Top headgear
2 = EQI_ARMOR = Armor
3 = EQI_HAND_L = Left hand
4 = EQI_HAND_R = Right hand
5 = EQI_GARMENT = Garment
6 = EQI_SHOES = Shoes
7 = EQI_ACC_L = Left hand accessory
8 = EQI_ACC_R = Right hand accessory
9 = EQI_HEAD_MID = Middle headgear
10 = EQI_HEAD_LOW = Lower headgear

Here my screenies when using this source modification to add and remove equipment slot.

The credit gives to Epoque who made full Expansion Pack, you can download the full file here.

Known issues:

  • If the item’s normal slot is 4, when you removeslot(), badly you can give it back to has 4 slots. (unsolved)

Download addslot() and removeslot() – Add and remove equipment slot


Download addslot() and removeslot() NPC Scripts – NPC for adding and removing equipment slot

addslot.txt | removeslot.txt

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