@afk Command – Log out your account but your char still in game – Free code

Basicly I got this modification source on eAthena old forum, i got this from BrianL comment on a post @autotrade / @afk kicker. Also, someone on rAthena post this @afk, but I think it’s different because I got it without author’s name.

If you ever seen private server with many players but no player movement, maybe they are AFK (away from keyboard). Sometimes, you will see a town will many players are opening main chat (pub/chat room) with “AFK” title. Yeah, they are AFK, manually open the chat room that type “AFK” as title.

One day, I played on ragnarok online private server that has @trueafk command. The command allows the user to AFK, open a chat room with “AFK” title automatically. A @trueafk command is working just like @autotrade command which the vender (vending by skill) will be sent out from the game but the character still logged in for vending.

I decide to find this custom command, I got @afk command. I must edit the source -src- files, this is source modification. The command only provides @afk that it will opens chat room with “A.F.K” as title. I modified the @afk command, and give it an option. Typing @afk command and player can decides title for it.

@afk [“chat room title”]

That means, you can only type @afk for that command. If you type the title too, your chat room will have title that you typed before.

Here these the screenies for it.

Download @afk Command – Log out your account but your char still in game – Free code

download @afk command .patch file for eAthena

download @afk command .patch file for rAthena

download @afk command .patch file for rAthena svn17203

download @afk command .patch file for rAthena (svn17233) (Dropbox Link)

download @afk command .patch file for 3CeAM

*Above are mediafire links*

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