Download ragnarok server emulator and ragnarok client side here:

Download rAthena Ragnarok Server emulator (Renewal Aegis based) from one of these links below:

Download eAthena Ragnarok Server emulator (Pre-Renewal Aegis based) from one of these links below:

Download 3CeAM Ragnarok Server emulator (Pre-Renewal system with Renewal mercenary Aegis Based) :

Download Hercules Ragnarok Server emulator (Renewal Aegis Based with custom):

Download idAthena Ragnarok Server emulator (Renewal rAthena and Hercules Aegis Based with Indonesian Translation):

For using Git you need to install MSysGit, then use TortoiseGit as client.

You can download repository above using TortoiseSVN (Windows user). After installation success, create new folder and rename it, Right-Click -> SVN Checkout then enter the one of Repository Link above.


Download Hexed Client and Client Side needs:

Download Ready-to-use Client Side

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