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PServeRO is website that provides ragnarok modification, source modification, custom commands. Customization for ragnarok online or ragnarok offline. Also, guides to make your own ragnarok server, installation guides, step by step to make ragnarok server. Ragnarok modification based on eAthena, rAthena, 3CeAM, Hercules, and idAthena.

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  1. Vlync
    Vlync at | |

    Very nice Source.

    Keep it UP!

  2. Patrick
    Patrick at | |

    Awww doesn’t work with latest rAthena svn 🙁

  3. Patrick
    Patrick at | |

    awesome thx 😀

  4. Patrick
    Patrick at | |

    aww still doesnt work for me:

    clif.c: In function âclif_parse_LoadEndAckâ:
    clif.c:9622: error: âstruct Battle_Configâ has no member named âmap_announce_colorâ
    clif.c:9622: error: âstruct Battle_Configâ has no member named âmap_announce_fontsizeâ
    make[1]: *** [obj_sql/clif.o] Error 1

  5. Patrick
    Patrick at | |

    Sorry for late response :X
    anyways, when i try to apply patch with tortoise svn, battle.c and battle.h are marked red, displaying “1 failed hunk(s)”
    any idea? x.x

    1. Patrick
      Patrick at |

      me again, 😐
      do you have no idea what could be wrong? x.x

  6. Grey
    Grey at | |

    What about Hercules?

  7. iZeal
    iZeal at | |

    Can you please share it also for Hercules

    God Bless you for sharing some of your work.

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