Global Damage Adjustments – Adjust global damage rates like GVG, PK, and BG damage rates – Free Code!

I ever think that current normal damages are too low? Yeah, I ever feel that. I need to adjust the damages than given by player. I tried to find this global damage adjustment on official conf files, but got nothing. What I need is the adjustments for global damage just like GVG damage rates (conf/battle/guild.conf), Battleground damage rates (conf/battle/battleground.conf), and also PK damage rates (conf/battle/misc.conf).

Actually, I got this idea a long time ago, and I implemented on my old test server, never release it. Until I found someone talking about ‘how to set damage rates for all damages not only for skill?‘ on rAthena board, but the answers are always pointed to another source modification that only adjusts skill damage rates. It not really what they wants and I need.

Then I saw that someone talked about old release on eAthena old forums, it is too old and I think that modification never perfect to use. I decide to renew my old modification for this global damage rates. This source modification is really simple and easy to implemented. I improve it with a mapflag file.

When we use this global damage adjustments, we can decide the damage rate for not using skills they are short attack and long range attack damage. Also we can decide the rates for global skill damage rates for weapon attack, magic attack, and misc attack damage. The minimum global damage value is 1, that mean 0.01x or 1%. The default values are always be 100, it means 1x or 100%. If we set 200, it means player when attacking will deals more damage to target.

So, what is mapflag function for this global damage adjustment?

The mapflag is used if you want for certain map that has damage adjustments. An example, you want when player attacking at Niflheim, they deal more damage to target but other maps damage rate still same, normal rates. So you can decide as like you want whatever the rates, wherever the map is.

This source modification, has additional configuration lines,

// [Cydh]
// Adjust global damage rate, works like GVG, PK, and BG damage rates.
// 	1    - Normal maps
// 	2    - PVP
// 	4    - GVG
// 	8    - Battlegrounds
// 	16	 - AtkRate mapflag (see conf/mapflag/atk_rate.txt)
// 	32   - zone 1
// 	64   - zone 2
// 	128  - zone 3
// 	256  - zone 4
// 	512  - zone 5
// 	1024 - zone 6
// 	2048 - zone 7
atk_adjustment_map: 4095
atk_short_attack_damage_rate: 100
atk_long_attack_damage_rate: 100
atk_weapon_attack_damage_rate: 100
atk_magic_attack_damage_rate: 100
atk_misc_attack_damage_rate: 100

and a mapflag file

// ------------- Cydh Modification -------------
// [email protected]
// ===============================================
// Player's damage will be adjust at this map
// 	mapflag	atk_rate	ShortDamageRate>,,,,
// -----------------------------------------------

//niflheim	mapflag	atk_rate	200,200,200,200,200
//nif_fild01	mapflag	atk_rate	50,50,50,50,50

And finally, this time for me to show you my screen shots about Global Damage Adjustments. Enjoy this free release for your server, hope can makes your server will be more fun. 😀

Download Global Damage Adjustments – Adjust global damage rates like GVG, PK, and BG damage rates – Free Code!

Download global_damage_adjustment .patch file for eAthena

Download global_damage_adjustment .patch file for rAthena

Download global_damage_adjustment .patch file for 3CeAM

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