After 13 Years With Ragnarok Online, LYTO out, Gravindo in!

Gravindo in, Lyto Out
Gravindo in, Lyto Out

After 13 years with LYTO, Ragnarok Online Indonesia also as known as idRO is will officially ‘closed’ and will be relaunched by Gravindo. Since mid of September, many players were asking about the future of idRO. idRO via their Facebook Fanspage only gave simple anwser “idRO tidak akan tutup” (lit. “idRO will not be closed” something like that). Some players maybe has thought that the content on Gravindo’s homepage (at that moment) as a lie, hox, or else. But personally, I accept what Gravindo said, “will be relaunched”, just because the domain .id is not everyone can register it for ‘framing’ national legal company.

There are some points are listed in Lyto’s forum entitled Penutupan Layanan RO LYTO (lit. Shutting the Service of RO LYTO),

1. All player’s data will be moved to Gravindo.

…, karena data ID dan Karakter kalian akan di pindahkan ke server Ragnarok Online Gravindo.

2. Top up page for Ragnarok Online will be closed since November 8, 2016.

Jadwal Penutupan Halaman Pembayaran / Isi Koin Server Ragnarok Indonesia :
8 November 2016

3. Server will be closed down since Dcember 12, 2016.

Jadwal Penutupan Server Ragnarok Indonesia :
12 Desember 2016

And now, something you need to worry about the migration process. Because Gravindo said the schedule to relaunch will be in December 2016, unknown date. But after Lyto’s statement, players cannot login since December 12 until year’s end. But recently in Gravindo’s fanspage, there was statement about “coming soon in January 2017”.

Will idRO players miss the Christmas and New Year events?

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