Channel System on rAthena was Expanded!

Hi, it’s been a while after my last post.

Few weeks ago, I played with Channel System on rAthena. I expanded it for new channel configuration and some script commands. Regardless this feature is totally custom for rAthena, but I can ignore that some rAthena’s clients are using this channel System.

Actually, there are some topics by rAthena’s client -people who use rAthena as Ragnarok Online private servers- who wanted command that allows NPC able to talk in the channel. Also, there is client who wants to get rid of @join #channel to join every single channel.

Script Command to send message to channel
channel system crash

I never had thought that this channel system is bad feature. Yes, it’s simply cool feature if we talk Ragnarok Online as MMORPG. Although some people on rAthena against this feature.

Some MMORPGs I played have World section in chat system. Not only World, Area too! And for Ragnarok Online, players only can see nearby people’s chat, what a old system.

World’s chat, when we can talk to all online players. Area, for local map. An example for Area is Prontera Map, that in current channel system is called #map.

Now, about the expansion I added. I added configuration so rAthena’s user can add more global-public channel as many as they want -this is global wide area-. And each channel can be set for new player will be auto-join.

I also add ‘alias’ for the channel. It’s a bit strange to see channel chat as

#map 'Cydh' : Hi Prontera!

I can set the alias for #map as ‘[Area]’, and it will be displayed as

[Area] Cydh : Hi Prontera!

And for script command, now NPC can talks on specified channel. Also you can load banned list when server restarted by using these new commands.

OK, interested to use this expanded channel system for rAthena? Just click one of the links below.

Also visit my post @rAthena Channel System Expanded!

Get Channel System on rAthena was Expanded! – Free Code!

Download “Channel System on rAthena was Expanded!” .patch file for eAthena

Download “Channel System on rAthena was Expanded!” .diff file for rAthena

Download “Channel System on rAthena was Expanded!” .patch file for 3CeAM

Download “Channel System on rAthena was Expanded!” .patch file for Hercules

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