bOneShootOneKill – Deals instant kill damage to the opponent! – Free Code!

“Head shot!”

This custom bonus gives a chance for player to deals ‘head shot’ to the opponent! I named it because I remember the Sniper slogan is “one shoot, one kill!”. Besides this custom bonus inspired by a shooting game, it also remain me about World of Warcraft beyond cheat, whoseyourdaddy. Gives instant kill in one touch.

To avoid this source modification becomes over power, this custom bonus has a parameter, for a chance. The chance is between 0.01% to 100.00%. That means also provides low-rate chance to give instant kill. The rate chance can be stacked with same bonus type.

This is not only one custom bonus, but I give you custom bonuses at once. They’re bOneShootOneKillClass that needs parameter for Aegis classes (Class_Normal, Class_Boss, Class_Guardian, and Class_All for simply handling), then bOneShootOneKillRace that needs Race type as parameter, such RC_Player, RC_DemiHuman, RC_Plant, RC_Neutral, etc. The last one is bOneShootOneKillMonster. What is it? This bonus only only gives chance to deals instant kill for specified monster id.

bonus2 bOneShootOneKillClass,c,n; Deadly instant kill to the oppenent with class c by n/100%.
bonus2 bOneShootOneKillRace,r,n; Deadly instant kill to the oppenent with race r by n/100%.
bonus2 bOneShootOneKillMonster,mid,n; Deadly instant kill to monster with ID mid by n/100%.

So, those bonuses are overkill?

Don’t worry, I also give you extra counter custom bonus for those bonuses, it’s called bSubOneShootOneKill. It will reduces chance the opponent’s One Shoot One Kill bonus. The rate is between 0.01% and 100.00%. I didn’t separate this like before, because there’s no way monster has instant kill bonus. Only player that maybe has the bOneShootOneKill bonuses.

bonus bSubOneShootOneKill,n; Reduces opponent’s chance to deals instant kill by n/100%.

As bonus from me, I made a new custom special label. The label is triggered when player deals the instant kill. It’sĀ OnPCOneShootEvent. When it’s triggered, the killedrid will store the killed rid. So you can make a simple script by this custom label, like announcing player that deals instant kill.

And, if there is question “what is the difference by using auto skill bonus to cast Instant Death skill (SA_INSTANTDEATH)?”

Those are item bonuses, and those bonus also can be affected by skill usage. So, you can imagine, by using Double Strafe (AC_DOUBLE) or maybe Gunslinger skill such Tracking (GS_TRACKING) you can deals the real head shoot! But, which one will you use, it’s your wise. šŸ˜€

Download bOneShootOneKill – Deals instant kill damage to the opponent! – Free Code!

Download “bOneShootOneKill” .patch file for eAthena

Download “bOneShootOneKill” .patch file for rAthena r12091 (Git rev. numbering)

Download “bOneShootOneKill” .diff file for rAthena 2014-04-11

Download “bOneShootOneKill” .patch file for 3CeAM

Download “bOneShootOneKill” .patch file for Hercules

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