Finally, rAthena implemented “Manage Skill Damage” by Lilith

We know old modification by Lilith that allow user to set the damage rate of specified skill to against player, monster, boss-monster, and etc. Because that modification is awesome, and rAthena users wanted it in rAthena officially. People who suggested it, made a post on rAthena’s Source Discussion forum.

Finally, on r17485 or on GitHub hash cd9a776, “Manage Skill Damage” is implemented by Cydh (*me*) for finishing. Added new db file skill_damage_db.txt, and as imprvement also added new mapflag mapflag/skill_damage.txt. Db file is used to adjust specified skill damage’s rate and the map zone and the mapflag for adjusting skill damage’s rate on specified map.


// Structure of Database:
// SkillName,Caster,Map,Damage against Players{,Damage against Mobs{,Damage against Bosses{,Damage against Other}}}


skill_damage   {<skill_name>,,,{,{,{}}}}

So, for rAthena user, since that commit you don’t need to add the modification manually anymore. But, if you want to active those function, you need to edit the core.h file inside src/config folder and remove the comment tag the recompile your server.

/// Uncomment to enable skills damage adjustments
/// By enabling this, db/skill_damage.txt and the skill_damage mapflag will adjust the
/// damage rate of specified skills.

Thank Lilith for this awesome modification. 😀

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