Do Gravindo use rAthena or other emulator for Classic Server?

Do Gravindo use rAthena or other emulator for Classic Server? No, they don’t use rAthena nor other emulator projects. That’s my asnwer.

There are some factors that rAthena or other emulator projects are not used for Gravindo’s classic server. The cricital point is the emulator projects are lack of multi map-servers support. I believe that Gravindo is still sane to never use single map-server for large-scale server.

While idRO is runing under Lyto, the daily players are over than 5,000 players. It’s about 1,000 players on Asgard new server and 4,000 players on Midgard the merged server from Free Thor, FnC, and Rebirth. Although the Gravindo will only open Classic server at least for first 3 month in 2017, the number online player can be reached 1,000 players.

The server’s lag by using single map-server -or it’s called zone server on Aegis’ term- is crazy. Remember about 2016’s Ramadhan event, 4 main maps that used for the quest are terrible. Prontera, Izlude, Alberta, and Payon zone groups are lagging. Not only because the peak on that 4 cities, but also other processing request on other maps on same map-servers. Their only option is to make some map-servers (zone-servers).

If private server’s player witnessed some private servers able to hold more than 1k players, the peak is not same with official servers. Private servers have autotrade feature, most of those people are autotrader or just AFK that mimic autotrade feature. Unlike private server, the number of AFKers just small.

The biggest issue that cause the lagging is active area or unit skills. The active area skill will use some iteration less than a second to check and process everything. Use Bards to cast Bragi’s Poem, you have good lag!

The other reason that emulators are evil for multi map-servers are listed below.

1. Warp to other map-server

Example you are at Prontera and by using Kafra to warps you to Payon on other map-server. The result, the map-server will be crashed! Personally, I got this report on rAthena, is not fixed since eAthena, of course to ther Athena’s sisters or Zeus’ son.

2. Can not invite player into party on other map-server

The current process will fails the player who makes invitation to other player on other map-server. Because there is a local check the player’s availability.

3. Players on other map-server, never be EC’d

The emulators are not checking guild member on other map-servers. The request must be processed to other map-server too, but just like the issue about party invitation above. So, some players are never be called by Emergency Call. This is one of some ancient bugs.

4. Miss-implementations

Of course this is will be other big issue, some skills maybe are not match with old Aegis. If Gravindo using old emulator (eAthena), some features are missing. If Gravindo using updated emulators, some features are changed and some old features are depreciated.

And other some issues that cannot be told here.

So, if the question “Do Gravindo use rAthena or other emulator for Classic Server?” my answer is “They don’t. They are not that insane enough to use emulator other than Aegis for their project”.

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4 Replies to “Do Gravindo use rAthena or other emulator for Classic Server?”

  1. Tanya juga mas.

    Kalau request tutorial (free/paid) on how to hexing ragexe gravindo, can you do it? I just want to use it into multi windows client. Because on their newest patch, they blocked sandboxie.

  2. om, saya sendiri termasuk yang antusias ketika dibuka dan masih main skrg.

    to the point aja, gmana cara bkn ragnarok offline pakai RO Gravindo ini om ?
    saya cma buat main sendiri aja buat ngetes2 tidak untuk server..

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