cartdelitem() script – Delete certain item in cart inventory – Free code!

Another script that related on cartcountitem() of course is cartdelitem. Just like conventional delitem() that will deletes amount of certain item in player’s inventory, cartcountitem will deletes certain item in cart inventory. Of course, we must decide how many item will be deleted in cart inventory.

This custom script provides 2 parameters to deletes item in cart. First parameters for cartdelitem is item id. The unique number that exists on db/item_db.txt or db/item_db2.txt. The second that needed is the amount of item that will be deleted.

cartdelitem <item_id>,<amount>

For an example, I want to delete 10 Red Potions in my merchant’s cart. I must know what’s item id for Red Potion, it is 501. Then write a script for cartdelitem.

 cartdelitem 501,10

It is just part of script body, need full a custom script of NPC to make it perfect!

Well, these some screenshots of cartdelitem that I made. Interested with this custom script which can deletes item in cart inventory? Enjoy, download it, this is free code!

Download cartdelitem script – Delete certain item in cart inventory – Free code!

Download cartdelitem script .patch file for eAthena

Download cartdelitem script .patch file for rAthena

Download cartdelitem NPC script .txt file

*Above are Mediafire links*

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