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@autostore will stores picked item automatically into player's main storage. @autostore can be set by item types and minimum player's weight to start auto-storing picked items. This feature also comes with @autostoreitem which will store item by matched item IDs.

Preview: @autostore to auto-storing picked item into storage - rAthena
By using @security, your account is safe from unwanted transactions. When this feature is enabled, you cannot sell or buy item from NPC, cannot make a trade with other players, cannot drop item, and many more!

Pewview: @security - Prevent account transaction - rAthena
This @battlestats command will shows player’s stats same as ALT+A window. The stats are ATK, MATK, DEF, MDEF, FLEE, HIT, CRIT, and ASPD. In addition, @battlestats also shows player’s bonuses such elemental resistances, race resistances, class resistances, and damage bonuses.

Also available @enemystats to see other player's status.

Preview: @battlestats
Show player's card bonuses
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