Privacy Policy

PServeRO Privacy Policies

Source Modification & Custom Script

  1. PServeRO will only send source modification as .diff/.patch file format to the Client.
  2. All modification only will be made ONCE to certain emulator and certain version date.
  3. PServeRO don't want send a .diff/.patch file for multiple emulator at once. If Client request for other emulator for same modification must be wait at least 1x24 hours until PServeRO give it.
  4. All modifications are belong to PServeRO, DO NOT ALLOWED to resell/redistribute them.
  5. PServeRO have rights to resell requested modification more than once, EXCEPT it's exclusive modification and Client doesn't want it to be resold at store.
  6. PServeRO also accept to help Client to install/implement the modification to Client's server if needed.
  7. PServeRO is responsible to fix the modification if it's causing error/bug to the client's server, with ZERO cost.


  1. PServeRO ONLY receive design with clear design brief.
  2. PServeRO ONLY make a design WITHOUT any coding/programming.

Other policies may be decided later.