Forged weapon with random options bonus (YML)

Forged weapon with random options bonus
(This product has a limit set to 1 item(s) per order)
Enchant forged weapons with random options based on forger's ranking. Forgers in rank 1-5 will get weapon with 5 random options, ranker 6-10 will get 4 random options, and unranked forger will get the weapon with 3 random options!

With improved YML rAthena database system, the random options for forged weapon now improved too. By dropping of the TXT database to YML database.

- Forged weapon can have random options
- Each forger rank group can have different random options possibilities (new)
- Defines the chance to get n random options for each random option possibilities (new)

As example, for #2 ranked forger may have 4 guaranteed random options and 1 random option by 60% chance. While #ranked forger have 5 guaranteed random options!

Preview: Forged weapon with random options bonus

PS: Some clients may not show the Options list for forged weapon

The newest file is supported & tested for rAthena fffad654 (2023-09-16)
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