Dropped item with random enchant of Random Options

Improved system of item_randomopt_group.txt which random values can be set!
(This product has a limit set to 1 item(s) per order)

Since rAthena's update on be9babee - 9 Nov 2020, this feature will conflict with that update, and I recommend to don't patch this!
Latest diff is made for 20201108-b49e7a0d, before the random option group rework.

An upgrade version of item_randomopt_group.txt to support randomize of (as example) Vicious Mind Weapon Enchants.

This is a source mod, with new database file and item_randomopt_group.txt file is dropped. Crimson Weapon entry is moved to new file.

The diff file is only made for rAthena after "Updated the YAML parsing method" at Git Hash: 78eed022, for before this version DO NOT buy this mod download from download page!

Bonus files

  • const.db for new RDMOPTG_
  • Example entries to make random enchant just like Ragnarok Journey (ignore the fact if this RO game was closed), so as example Knife dropped with compounded card (random of 1-4) Drops Card, Fabre Card, Hornet Card, Lunatic Card, Farmliar Card
  • Example entries of Vicious Mind Weapon Enchants itself (exclude the mob_db)
Preview: Dropped item with random options or cards - rAthena
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