Ragnarok Modification
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    @maintenance – Set server to maintenance mode without restart
    Set your Ragnarok server to maintenance mode without restart it!
    By using this command, the these following activity will be triggered automatically:
    • Makes the announcement
    • Set the time before maintenance started
    • Kick all players in all connected map-servers, and server is set to maintenance mode, players are prohibited to log in
    • Before maintenance period is done, there's system announcement tells the time remaining.
    • Able to extend maintenance period or end it immediately.

    More info about this source modifcation, visit PServeRO @maintenance blog entry
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  • Harmony on latest rAthena
    Harmony Installation for Latest rAthena & rAmod
    Installation service for recent or selected version Harmony for rAthena and rAmod.

    • I only the .diff / .patch file for selected or latest rAthena or rAmod version.
    • You have to get Harmony license by yourself first.
    • I will 'help' you to install the harmony for your server.
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  • Auto Store option
    @autostore - Auto store gained item from monster directly to storage
    By using this custom atcommand, @autostore, gained item that dropped by monster or by picking up from ground can be stored automatically to storage. Maybe useful for ragnarok server with High rate++.
    This command has option to "what item" that will be stored automatically and minimum weight criteria.

    More detail info about this source modification, visit PServeRO @autostore blog entry
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    Instance Dungeon
    One-floored Instance Dungeon with 10 waves of monster and 1 Boss/MVP in the end of the dungeon. Just like ET.
    By default, separated in 3 levels. Each levels have different Base Level requirement.
    A config file for configuring the instance easily.
    - Decide how many waves in an instance and the monster
    - Easy to set the rewards
    - Easy to set the delay
    - Easy to set the requirement
    - Easy to duplicate the instance as many as you need (so, it's not only for 3 Instance levels, add it yourself)

    PS: For this moment, only for rAthena emulator since new 'db/instance_db.txt' implementation.
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  • @security - Custom atcommand to secure your account transaction
    When @security is enabled, your account are prohibited to
    • Request/received trade
    • Drop item from inventory
    • Send mail with attachment
    • Open vending or buying store
    • Buy item from vending or sell item to buying store
    • Buying or selling item to NPC
    • Move item from/to guild storage
    • Remove "option" (cart, falcon, mounts)
    • Compound card to equip
    • and many more
    So, if your account is "borrowed", you do not need to worry about those activity.

    More info about this source modifcation, visit PServeRO @security blog entry
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  • Maxcap Damage
    Maxcap Damage - Cap Damage While Using Skill and Normal Attack
    Limiting damage can be dealt from normal attack or skill. Capping damage can be set for damage to player, to monster, to boss monster, and to other targets (homunculus, mercenary, pet, elemental).
    By capping the damage, the damage value to enemy never exceed the limit.
    In example case, effective to "limit" the damage of overpower skills. Example, your Ragnarok server want to give a limit for Ashura Strike (MO_EXTREMITYFIST) damage on PVP to 150,000 each hitting player, limiting Assassin Cross's Enchanted Deadly Poison (EDP) damage to 3,000 each normal attack.

    More info about this source modification, visit PServeRO Maximum Damage – Cap Damage While Using Skill and Normal Attack blog entry
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    Deathmatch PVP
    "Counter Strike"-like deathmatch mode.
    People who joined in Deathmatch PVP map are free for all (to kill and be killed). One kill, one point. The ladder is decided by kill counts, the top winners will get points (say Cash Points).
    Game is started every 2 hour with 50 mins duration. Player who leaves the map will be removed from current ladder.
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