Alternatives Skill’s Item Requirement

Set different item requirement or item replacement at GVG/PVP maps
(This product has a limit set to 1 item(s) per order)
This source modification will set different required items by skill in PVP or GVG maps. As example in normal maps Acid Terror consumes Acid Bottle, then on PVP maps Acid Bottles (for all skills that require this item) will be chaned to Satay. This is not working as ‘secondary choice’ nor skill-based required items, but as item A will be changed to item B.

Also allow you to set something like “consume Jellopy instead of Acid Bottle to cast Acid Terror if player owns it, but if player doesn’t own Jellopy, consume Acid Bottle”

Preview: Alternative consumed item for skill requirement, Skill Requirement for PVP & GVG Maps

The newest file is supported & tested for rAthena 6673e1a7 (20230324)
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