Some great news from PServeRO for you all.

You may read all modification details that I don’t post it yet, so look at Recent Updates. I don’t have good time to make post for every source modification that I made, maybe you will take a look there. There are some free modification too, you can PM me if you interested in. 😀

Also, I have some plans to do, you can read them on Future Updates. It will be great maybe for your server, I try make some differences, bring some gameplay from other games it will be fun for Ragnarok Online. Are you agree?

Well, I also provide some news related on Ragnarok Online (soon), here some categories for them:

  • rAthena News
  • eAthena News
  • 3CeAM News
  • idAthena News (Every posts there maybe using Bahasa Indonesia)
  • Hercules News
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