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PServeRO is website that provides ragnarok modification, source modification, custom commands. Customization for ragnarok online or ragnarok offline. Also, guides to make your own ragnarok server, installation guides, step by step to make ragnarok server. Ragnarok modification based on eAthena, rAthena, 3CeAM, Hercules, and idAthena.

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  1. 4ngan
    4ngan at | |

    Hi, I have problem when implement that system.
    – I make my client read file itemInfo_Sak.lua.
    – In itemInfo_Sak.lua content this code:
    – I just edit to read 1 file only: to test
    iiFiles = {
    “System/itemInfo.lua”, — 1st priority

    – End of file itemInfo.lua. I changed main function to:
    main = function()
    for ItemID, DESC in pairs(tbl) do
    CheckItem(ItemID, DESC, true)
    return true, “good”

    – But when in-game I got this error:

    I don’t know what step I’m wrong. Please help

  2. 4ngan
    4ngan at | |

    Thank you, but when do that I got this error:

  3. 4ngan
    4ngan at | |

    Thank you so much. That working. I’m using 2017-06-14 client.

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