MF_NOEQUIP – Disable players to put on equipments – Free Code

By using this nf_noequip mapflag, player cannot put on any equip at the map. Except if the player has higher Group level than the mf_noequip value.

izlude	mapflag	noequip	100
payon	mapflag	noequip	1

The example above, all players cannot put on equip at Izlude. But at Payon, Admins still can put on equipment. You will need this noequip mapflag if you make an event to prohibit players from equiping any equipments, while in previous script you strip off all player’s equipment.

An update version of MF_NOEQUIP – Disable players to wear any equip at this map – Free Code! to make this works for latest rAthena version especially after C++ and mapflag refactor!

Watch the video here:


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