bNoReflectSkill – Makes skill attack cannot be reflected – Free Code!

Maybe still fresh in your mind when I released a source modification that makes skill cannot be reflected. This custom bonus works like skill_not_reflected_db, but like other bonus, this bonus only for player who has item with this bonus attached. skill_not_reflected_db works globally.

Then, how do bNoReflectSkill and bNoReflectSkill2 work?

bNoReflectSkill2 is kind of item bonus, so you can use this bonus on item script. It needs bonus2 because it has 2 params, sk and n. sk for skill name or skill ID and n for the chance (x/10000). It’s bonus2 bNoReflectSkill2,sk,n. Example you want Firebolt skill cannot be reflected by player who can reflect it, Maya Card’s effect, you can put the item script on card.

bonus2 bNoReflectSkill2,”MG_FIREBOLT”,10000;

Its chance guarantee your skill to attack enemy cannot be reflected, 10000 means 100,00 %. But, other skill can be reflected by enemy.

You can set for other skills, not only magic skill, physical (short/ranged) skill can be used for bNoReflectSkill2. bNoReflectSkill2‘s stack is limited to 10 (MAX_PC_BONUS), but for same skill, the rate will be accumulated. Example you have 3 cards for

bonus2 bNoReflectSkill2,”MG_FIREBOLT”,2000; //on card 1
bonus2 bNoReflectSkill2,”MG_FIREBOLT”,1000; //on card 2
bonus2 bNoReflectSkill2,”MG_FIREBOLT”,1500; //on card 3
So the total rate for bNoReflectSkill2 is 45 (20+10+15) and only takes 1 place on stack, not 3.

In the new update, added bonus bNoReflectSkill,n. The difference is this bonus applies for all skills. The chance is n/10000% (10000 = 100%).

Then, here some screenshots for you all. 😀

Download bonus2 bNoReflectSkill2,n,x; – Makes skill attack cannot be reflected – Free Code!

Download bNoReflectSkill,n; and bonus2 bNoReflectSkill2,sk,n for rAthena 872eb00c (2018-04-19)

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